Frequently Asked Questions

Question Why is there no collector-distributor lane proposed for southbound US 202 at the Route 29 interchange area during construction on Section 320?
Question Based on the mainline traffic analysis that was completed during the Preliminary Engineering phase of the project, it was determined that a collector-distributor lane was not required in the southbound direction. Traffic analysis found that the addition of the third lane along with lengthening the southbound on-ramp to US 202 from Swedesford Road met the required level of service for the projected peak hour traffic volumes that are projected to use that interchange

Question When will the abandoned railroad bridge be repainted?
Question The bridge will be repainted as part of Section 320 construction. Originally, the bridge was to be repainted under the Section 311 project. But that plan would have required extensive and expensive traffic control measures, with nighttime lane closures to sand blast and repaint small sections in time to reopen the lane by the following morning. Instead, the bridge will be sanded and repainted in larger sections when traffic is shifted for extended periods while the roadway is rebuilt, all at a significant savings.

Question When will the abandoned railroad bridge be incorporated into the Chester Valley Trail system?
Question PennDOT's contractor expects to complete modifications to the bridge in summer 2009. For information on when the bridge will be incorporated into the trail system, please contact Tredyffrin Township.

Question Will my commute on US 202 be affected during the early stage work on the bridges and intersections?
Question There will be no rush hour impacts on US 202 during the two initial contracts to replace six bridges over the expressway. However, there may be an occasional off-peak restriction at any of the bridges when beams are removed and set, underside shielding is put in place and other sporadic activities occur where a lane needs to be closed to protect the motoring public.

Question Why are you replacing the six bridges over US 202?
Question The bridges are being replaced with longer spans. Abutments for those longer bridges will be located further back in the shoulder to allow room for an additional lane to be built on US 202.The bridges are being replaced with longer spans. Abutments for those longer bridges will be located further back in the shoulder to allow room for an additional lane to be built on US 202.

Question Why are you improving the intersections near US 202?
Question These advance construction improvements are being implemented now so that traffic diverted from US 202 during mainline construction flows better on the surface roads along the corridor.

Question Why does the contractor have to perform bridge demolition work at night?
Question For public safety, the contractor is not permitted to perform demolition operations over an active lane of traffic. Due to the heavy volume of traffic on US ROUTE 202, the contractor is only permitted to close a lane at night.

Question When will the sound barrier wall be constructed along the Bryn Erin development?
Question Sound barriers will be build during the Stage 3 & 4 contracts to widen and reconstruct the mainline of Route 202. Those contracts are expected to be under construction in 2011 or 2012.

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