Construction Status: Summer 2017

Rehabilitation of northbound bridge, southbound ramps to U.S. 30 underway

With northbound U.S. 202 traffic now in its “express” lane pattern through the work zone, PennDOT’s contractor this summer will remove the existing concrete deck and parapets from the inside half of the northbound bridge and begin repairs to the structure at the southern end of the U.S. 30 Interchange.

The work is taking place under the first of four construction stages* of the $26.4 million contract that will complete the final phase of the U.S. 202 Section 300 improvement project by rehabilitating two U.S. 202 bridges over Amtrak rail lines and the eastbound U.S. 30 Exton Bypass ramp in East Whiteland and West Whiteland townships, Chester County. (*Bridge and ramp construction is being done under project stages 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B.)

Under the 100 percent federally-funded project, PennDOT is rehabilitating and re-decking the deteriorated northbound and southbound U.S. 202 bridges, constructing a retaining wall on Dunwoody Drive to support the bridges’ southern abutments, installing and upgrading electronic message signs along the U.S. 202 corridor and replacing the deteriorated concrete on the U.S. 202 ramps to and from the U.S. 30 Exton Bypass.

One northbound "express" lane has been shifted onto the southbound bridge. The other northbound lane remains on the northbound side behind construction barrier while the opposite side of the bridge is rebuilt. Once half of the bridge is rebuilt, the single lane will be shifted onto the rebuilt side behind barrier while the other half of the span is rebuilt.  When one bridge is finished, the pattern is reversed, with three lanes placed on the new bridge while the southbound bridge is rebuilt in halves.

Crews also are removing and replacing the deteriorated concrete pavement from the outside lane of the ramp from U.S. 202 south to the westbound U.S. 30 Exton Bypass. While the ramp pavement is being removed and replaced, the ramp 's approach will remain one lane-wide. Repair of the outside ramp lane is expected to finish this summer. Traffic will then move to the rebuilt outside ramp lane during reconstruction of the left ramp lane.

Construction also will take place on Dunwoody Drive below the bridge to build retaining walls to support the bridge's southern abutments. 

The project is scheduled for completion in late 2019.