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November 2016 - This overlay of an aerial photo shows the bridges over Amtrak just south of the U.S. 30 Interchange where deck replacements will begin in early 2017.   larger view
August 2016 - State Transportation Secretary Leslie S. Richards (center in white) along with state and local officials cuts a ribbon celebrating the completion of the Section 300 projects.   larger view
August 2016 - Sound walls   larger view
August 2016 - Six lanes open look south   larger view
August 2016 - The completed interchange at Route 401   larger view
August 2016 - Looking south   larger view
August 2016 - PennDOT opened U.S. 202 to six lanes between Route 401 and U.S. 30 on Aug. 3.   larger view
July 2016 - Barrels replace the concrete construction barrier as the contractor puts the finishing touches on Section 330. PennDOT expects to open the expressway to six lanes between Route 401 and US 30 by mid-week Aug.1.   larger view
July 2016 - PennDOT rebuilt the Route 401/US 202 Interchange as part of the reconstruction between Route 401 and U.S. 30.   larger view
July 2016 - Landscaping, sound walls and new signs at the Route 401 Interchange   larger view
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