Park and Ride Study

A Route 202, Section 300 Park and Ride Study was completed in November 2001. The study involved the following major tasks:

  • Review of state and federal Park and Ride planning and design standards.
  • Field evaluation of the condition and utilization of Park and Ride facilities throughout the region.
  • Evaluation of commuting patterns, land use and population analysis and field surveys to identify the need and location for new facilities.
  • Meetings and discussion with local township officials, local transportation management associations, the Chester and Montgomery County Planning Commission, PENNDOT, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.
  • Identification of 17 potential park and ride facility locations
  • Recommendation of a “short list” of five sites for further study
  • Review and comment on the draft study by county, state and federal officials.

As a result of this study, a new Park and Ride lot will be built at US Route 322 and US Route 30 in Chester County to help reduce traffic volumes on US Route 202 during construction and to further encourage motorists to incorporate the use of public transit or car pools in their commute.