Construction Status Information


Stage 1 March 2017 - Preliminary

  • Replace northbound and southbound U.S. 202 shoulders in the work area with temporary pavement for use as travel lanes during construction shifts
  • Begin repairs to Morstein Road overpass

Stage 2 begins April - Mid May 2017 - Preliminary

  • Shift U.S. 202 north and south traffic to the right, utilizing the shoulders, to create a work area in the median;
  • Build crossovers at northern and southern ends of the work zone; and
  • Complete repairs to Morstein Road overpass.

Stage 3 Mid May 2017 to Mid 2018 - Bridge Construction Stages 1 & 2

  • Place concrete barriers on southbound bridge and approaches to separate two southbound lanes from a single northbound Express Lane;
  • Place concrete barriers on the northbound bridge and approaches to create a cattle chute that separates the northbound outside lane side from the inside lane and shift the left (inside) lane to “Express Lane” that was created on the southbound bridge;
  • The right (outside) lane of U.S. 202 north remains on the northbound side for construction on the northbound bridge; and
  • Complete restoration of northbound pavement between the bridge and Planebrook Road.

Stage 4 Mid 2018 to Mid 2019 - Bridge Construction Stages 2 & 3

  • Repeat the Express Lane traffic pattern on the opposite side and construct the southbound bridge; and
  • Complete restoration of southbound pavement between the bridge and Planebrook Road.

Stage 5 Mid-2019 to Late 2019

  • Restore median north and south of bridges